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Brenda[edit source]

Brenda ? posted the following thread on Rootsweb in January 2004 regarding J Creati. From: "Brenda" <

The license of The PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL was transferred from J. W. BURNS to John Francis CREATI in March 1860. John F. Creati was the proprieter of the Prince of Wales Hotel from March 1860 through to approximately Sept-Oct 1861. During John Creati's tenure at the Prince of Wales Hotel he went into a business partnership with Alfred Mantegani ( the local agent for Cobb & Co., originally from South Australia ]. Creati and Mantegani announced the Re-opening of the PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL in the Creswick & Clunes Advertiser 's May 11th 1860 edition. The advertisement read:

Prince of Wales Hotel, Creswick Messrs Creati & Mantegani Beg to inform their friends and the Public that the PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL, corner of Raglan and Napier Streets, is now entirely refitted and re-opened under their management and they respectfully solicit a share of patronage. They may metnion that it will be their careful study to keep their cellar constantly stocked with the choicest of Liquors, including first-class English Ale, on draught. The cuisine will meet with every attention. The accommodation for Boarders is of the very best description. GOOD STABLING. Files of Adelaide papers, Bell's Life in Victoria, Illustrated London News and all the Victorian papers, always on hand. Qui Si Parlo Italiano. N.B. Passengers booked by Cobb & Co.'s line of Coaches to all parts of the Colonies.

Mantegani and Creati dissolved their partnership within months, in July 1860 and John CREATI immediately took on another partner, Hyram SLOCUM, a local coach driver. It appears Slocum was a 'silent' partner as he was not referred to in any advertisements or publicity for the hotel. This partnership was resolved in October 1861. The month prior [Sept 1861] John CREATI had returned to the FLYING BUCK HOTEL which he had built circa 1859 and appears to have sold to John Blomfield in early 1860. When the FLYING BUCK went on the market in May 1861 it appears JOHN CREATI repurchased the property back from JOHN BLOOMFIELD, dissolved his association with the PRINCE OF WALES Hotel and re-opened the FLYING BUCK at the beginning of September 1861. The Creswick & Clunes Advertisers reported, " Re-opening of the Flying Buck Hotel - We notice in our advertising columns that the above hotel, situated at Spring Hill, has been re-opened under the management of Mr. J. F. Creati favourably known as the former co-proprietor of the Prince of Wales Hotel, Creswick. " We know that John Creati was still the proprietor of the Flying Buck Hotel in 1888 but have not been able to determine which year he retired from the business. We would be very interested in knowing if you come upon any other license holders of the FLYING BUCK HOTEL - and also when it ceased to be a Hotel.

I'm am co-researching the Creati family with Jan Crawford. I'm sure Jan can fill you in with more details on Flying Buck Hotel.

--Bertie (talk) 12:24, 31 May 2017 (UTC)