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Another Clunes?[edit source]

This story is from northern NSW: The hotel was destroyed by fie on 26 October 1892:

Burning of the Royal Mail Hotel Clunes. As briefly announced last issue, the Royal Mail Hotel at Clunes was almost totally destroyed by fire early on Tuesday morning last, 26th instant. The following particulars concerning the outbreak have since been obtained. - The first person to notice the fire was Michael Conaghan, the groom at the hotel. He says that he was awakened about 4 a.m. by a crackling noise. He conjectured fire, and seizing his trousers ran out of the house into the paddock. He then for the first time saw a light in a room adjacent to his which was occupied by a man named Thompson. Opening the door he saw fire, and called out to awaken Thompson, who he supposed was in bed. He then noticed the bed clothes turned down, Thompson having evidently been aroused previously. The bed curtains were all on fire, and the bedding was also partly in flames. A candle stood on the washstand close to the curtains, and this appeared to be the cause of the fire. Seeing the room on fire, he ran to arouse the other occupants of the house, going first to Mrs. Peoples' room, Mr. Peoples being away on the Tweed at the time. He took the two children over to the servant's room, and then returned to assist remove the furniture, &c. The household were all alarmed by this time, and the fire seemed to have obtained a strong hold on the house, flames issuing from several rooms. A number of articles of furniture, &c., were removed from the building, including some of the stock, principally bulk stuff. In assisting to rescue the furniture the groom overlooked his own effects, and is a heavy loser. Besides losing his personal property he had, he says, about £30 in cash in his bed tick. The tick, with some other trifling articles was thrown out of the room, but had caught fire, and not being extinguished, no one noticing it, and the groom himself overlooking it, the money was destroyed.
John Thompson, driver for Fraser and Co., store keepers, at Clunes, in whose room the groom first noticed the fire, says that he got up early that morning, and left his room about 4.30 a.m. in order to get his horses, so that he might get an early start for town, intending to catch the ocean steamer. He has no recollection of leaving a lighted candle in his room, which he was the sole occupant of. This is about all can be elicited at present. An inquiry will of course be held when some additional light may be thrown on the affair. Mr. Peoples, the occupier of the premises who is also the owner, was away on the Tweed at the time. The amount of the damage has not yet been ascertained, but the whole of the building, the hotel proper has been totally destroyed, the only premises now standing, being the small wooden cottage adjacent, which was only saved by the strenuous exertions of those present. The insurances are £800 on the building and £450 on the stock and furniture, a total of £1260, insured with, the National Fire and Marine Insurance Company of New Zealand. Almost the whole of the contents of the building were burned, and the insurance, it is said, will not nearly cover the damages, the bar stock in the building at the time being exceptionally heavy.[1]

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