Tasmanian Hotel

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There was also a Tasmanian Hotel at Smeaton.
Tasmanian Hotel
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Town Smythesdale
Known dates 1861-1862

The Tasmanian Hotel was a hotel near Smythesdale, Victoria, <1861-1862>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Tasmanian Hotel was in the Smythesdale licensing district.[1]

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Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

An incident in the hotel was reported in the Star in June, 1862:

Our Smythesdale correspondent sends us the following- A gentleman who lodges at Wrathall's Hotel, and is allowed the usual privilege of bachelors, a latch key, on coming home somewhat late on Tuesday night, was somewhat surprised to find a man in his bed, and he was still more so when the occupant refused to quit it. Constable Allen was soon called in, and he soon ejected the intruder and lodged him in the lock-up. The prisoner gave the name of Patrick Carney, and is well known to the police, having formerly been in the force himself. The police magistrate remanded him until Friday.[2]

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