Thomas Connolly

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Thomas Connolly
Occupation Publican
Years active 1877-1882
Known for Court House Hotel
Home town Buninyong

Thomas Connolly was a publican in the Ballarat district <1877-1882>.

History[edit | edit source]

Connolly was the publican of the Court House Hotel in Buninyong.

In December 1877 there were objections raised to his application to renew his license:

Thomas Connolly, Court-house hotel, Buninyong —This was objected to by Mr Paynter, on behalf of Mr Goller, as the applicant had not administered to a will or taken out a probate. The proceeding was taken to try the questionn account of the creditors. Adjourned to 28th instant for applicant’s solicitor, Mr Salter to appear.[1]

In February 1878 he was charged for serving a man who was intoxicated.[2]

His license was renewed in December 1878.[3]

In December 1882 he sold the building to Thomas Caffrey, but but the tenant, Mr. Temby, refused to leave saying he had a five year lease. The court found in favour of Connolly. and Mr. Temby was evicted from the hotel:

BUNINYONG.(Before Mr Thomson, P.M., Mayor Greaves, and Mr Higgins, J.P.) Connolly v Temby, summons for warrant of ejectment. Mr Watson for plaintiff. The plaintiff stated that he let the Courthouse hotel to defendant for ten shillings a week. Notice to quit had been given to defendant. The plaintiff did not let the premises for five years. Thomas Caffrey proved notice served on Temby to quit the premises within one week. Mr Watson proved notice to appear at court. The defendant had been served with notices as weekly and monthly tenant. The defendant stated that he rented the premises from plaintiff. Plaintiff told him that be must quit the premises as be had sold the house. He know nothing about the document produced. He had applied for a license to be transferred to him at Ballarat. David Thompson said that a verbal agreement was made in his presence in 1880 for five years. Mrs Temby stated that an agreement was made for five years. When plaintiff returned from the old country she signed an agreement for her husband, which she did to satisfy plaintiff. Defendant knew nothing of the agreement. Mrs Connolly was shown the document, when she stated that the agreement was written when only herself and Mrs Temby were present. The rent was to be 10s a week, and no notice was stated to be given for terminating the tenancy. The bench made an order for ejectment, warrant to be issued at any time.[4]

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