Thomas Honnor

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Thomas Honnor
Occupation Publican
Years active 1869
Known for White Swan Hotel
Home town Creswick
Children Anne

Thomas Honnor was a publican in Creswick, Victoria, <1869>.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1868 action was taken against Honnor for deserting his children:

Thomas Honnor, a carpenter, was charged with deserting his two children. His offspring had been taken by their grandfather before Mr. Sturt, and it was stated that Honnor would not support them. The prisoner had been sent down from Creswick, and now said that he would take care of them for the future. Under these circumstances he was discharged.[1]

Thomas Honnor took over the license for the White Swan Hotel in Melbourne road, Creswick, in September 1869 from Ann Burkett.[2]

In November 1869, a customer tried to sexually assault Honnor's daughter at the hotel:

A young man named John Aees was arrested by Constable Bourke, at Creswick, on 8th November, upon a charge of committing an indecent assault upon Anne Honnor, a girl eleven years of age, the daughter of Mr Thomas Honnor, of the White Swan hotel, Melbourne road. It is stated that about eleven o'clock on Saturday night last one of the female servants hearing screams from the children's bed-room, which was quite dark, ran there immediately, when Anne told her that there was a man in the room under the bed; further, that he had got into the bed and put his hands under her night-dress and on her person, and on her screaming out he had put his hands round her neck to stop her cries. The servant girl put her hands under the bed and came in contact with a man's head. She seized it by the hair, and thereby dragged out the man and took him to the bar, where he was recognised as a young fellow who had been drinking there that evening. Mr Honnor (the father) upon hearing of the circumstances rushed into the place and knocked the man down, and he on getting up made his escape. Honnor gave information to the police next morning, and search was made for Aees, but without success. It appears, however, that about seven o'clock a.m. on Monday, 8th November, Aees went to the White Swan hotel to procure his clothes which he had left behind on the Saturday night, and that Honnor sent at once for the police and had him arrested. He was brought before Mr Lees, J.P., on 9th November, and remanded till the following day.[3]

In August 1870 he was again in trouble over his children:

A little girl, apparently about, nine years of age, named Ida Honner, was brought up by Constable Sheridan, having been found in the Chinese Camp. It was stated by Constable Sheridan that the girl was living at a brothel, her father having deserted her. Her stepmother was called but did not appear to be a very fit person to keep her. Bridget Murphy deposed that the prisoner was living at her house. Constable Sheridan said that both the women were prostitutes. It was decided to send the girl to the Industrial Schools for six years, and, to compel her father, who is at Dunolly, to support her. Her stepmother said that her father was a tradesman in good work.[4]

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