Thomas Sullivan

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Thomas Sullivan
Occupation Publican
Years active 1887
Known for Britannia Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Catherine

Thomas Sullivan was a publican in Ballarat, <1887>.

History[edit | edit source]

Sullivan was the publican of the Britannia Hotel on the corner of Bridge and Peel Streets. In June 1887 he was fined £2 with 15s costs for Sunday trading.[1]

In September 1887 his wife had her watch stolen:

Some weeks ago a man named William Walker, better known as "Geordie" Walker, was arrested in Ballarat East on a charge of stealing a watch and chain belonging to Mrs Sullivan, of the Britannia hotel, corner of Bridge and Peel streets, Ballarat East. At the time Walker protected his innocence, saying that he had received the watch from an acquaintance named Carr. He was brought before the court and remanded on a number of occasions, in order to enable him to ascertain the whereabouts of the person who gave him the watch. He was unsuccessful in his search, and when finally he presented himself on bail he was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, with hard labor. We now learn that Constable Coffey at Maryborough on Thursday arrested a man on a charge of drunkenness, and upon being charged he gave the name of Patrick Mahoney. After placing him in the cell Coffey recognised him as a man named Robert Carr, alias Patrick Mahoney, who was wanted for a charge of stealing a watch from the person of one Catherine Sullivan, in Ballarat East, in September last. He was brought before Mr A. Joyce, J.P., and on a charge of drunkenness was fined 10s or three days, and was remanded to appear at Ballarat East on next Monday for the alleged theft of the watch.[2]

In December 1887 Sullivan transferred the license to Bride Sanderson.[3]

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