Thomas Webb

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Thomas Webb
Born c.1829
Birkenhead, England
Died 24 July 1908
Lal Lal, Victoria
Occupation Publican
Years active 1877-1895
Known for Forest Home Hotel
Home town Yendon
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Icombe (1832-1911)
Children Charlotte (1857-1924)
Letitia (1861-1930)

Thomas Francis Webb was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1877-1895.

History[edit | edit source]

Thomas Webb was born c.1829 in Birkenhead, England.[1]

He married Elizabeth Icombe in Sydney in 1853.[1]

Webb was the publican of the Forest Home Hotel in Yendon, from at least December 1877 to December 1895.[2][3][4] In December 1895 he transferred the license to his daughter Charlotte Webb.[5]

In 1881 an unusual incident involving Webb was reported in the newspapers:

A singular incident surprised some of the gentlemen of Ballarat who assembled at the Western railway station on Thursday evening last to see the Japanese visitors leave the city. A resident of Yendon (says the Courier) desired to be informed of the identity of a certain officer of the ship and the second lieutenant being pointed out to him, he spoke to the visitor, showing some tattoo marks on his right arm. The officer seized the arm, kissed it twice, and raising the sleeve, on it, he saw more marks, and repeated his salute. The officer's action not a little surprised those who saw it. The resident of Yendon who was thus honored by the foreigner is Mr Webb, who is well-known in that district. It appears that he visited Japan thirty-five years ago as a sailor on an American war-ship, and the tattoo marks (of which he has a continuous line from his shoulder to his wrist) were then imprinted by a Japanese artist, their import being such that whenever they are found borne in foreign countries they are saluted as above instanced.[6]

In June 1901, Webb was charged with drunk driving:

Thomas Webb, of Yendon, was proceeded against by Constable Paige for being drunk while in charge of a horse and dray. He was fined 10s, in default three days' imprisonment.[7]

Webb died on 24 July 1908.[1]

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