Travellers' Rest Hotel (Smythe's Creek)

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Travellers' Rest Hotel
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Town near Smythe's Creek
Street cnr. Glenelg Highway and Bells Road
Closed 1886
Known dates 1856-1886
Demolished Building relocated 1886
Google maps Approx location:-37.597068, 143.768338

The Travellers' Rest Hotel was a hotel near Smythe's Creek, <1856-1886.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Travellers' Rest Hotel was described as being half way between Smythesdale and Ballarat, which is in the area of Smythes Creek.[1] The Woady Yallock Historical Society places it at the intersection of the Glenelg Highway and Bells Road, opposite the Halfway House Hotel.[2] Google Maps: -37.597068, 143.768338

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In October 1856 a horse was stolen from the hotel:

£5 Reward, or £15 on Conviction of Thief. STOLEN, on the 3rd instant, from the Travellers' Rest Hotel, Smythe's Creek Road, a Black Mare, branded 75 off shoulder, T near shoulder, clumsy legs, long tail, wound on rump. Whoever will bring the same to James M'Conville, Travellers' Rest Hotel, or to Messrs Moore & Dunn, Ballarat, shall be rewarded as above.[3]

The hotel was offered for sale in June 1862 and described as:

Situate about half-way between Ballarat and Smythesdale. Together with about Two Acres of Freehold Land, enclosed and under cultivation as a garden and orchard. Horse and Dray, Two Cows, Furniture, Stock-in-Trade, etc. The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of publicans and others to this sale. The hotel is now doing a good business, is admirably situated; twelve coaches change horses there daily; it has stabling accommodation for thirty horses; and is supplied with a never-failing supply of pure spring water. The present proprietor having secured an ample fortune, is now retiring from business.[1]

In August 1886 the license for the hotel was forfeited after the hotel "disappeared":

At the Licensing Court today Inspector Parkinson applied for the forfeiture of the licence of the Travellers Rest Hotel, Haddon. He stated he had twice been to the place where the hotel used to be and there was no hotel there. The licence was forfeited. The case of the Travellers' Rest Hotel was referred to in The Argus of today in an appeal to the Supreme Court from the verdict of justices at Smythesdale. A man named Coolahan having purchased an hotel from Palmer, moved it to another locality, but the justices held that the licence extended to the premises as well as to the building and would not transfer, and this was upheld by the Supreme Court, The purchaser has now forfeited the license because there is no hotel on the site.[4]

Patrick Coolahan applied yesterday, at the Licensing Court, for the transfer to him of the license now held by Joseph Palmer for the Travellers’ Rest hotel. This is the hotel that was originally licensed at Trunk Lead, and was purchased by Coolahan and removed to Haddon. As there really existed no license for the hotel where it was now situated, the court could not grant a transfer. Inspector Parkinson then applied, under the 104th section of the Act, for the forfeiture of the license for the hotel at Trunk Lead, as there was no house there to which the license applied. The bench granted this application, with £3 2s costs against Palmer.[5]

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