Turf Hotel (Creswick Road)

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Turf Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Creswick Road
Known dates 1857-1866
Google maps -37.537967, 143.848677

The Turf Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857-1866>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Turf Hotel was in Creswick Road.[1] An 1861 map shows the hotel on the west side of Creswick Road, about halfway between Howitt Street and Norman Street, this is now the car park of the North Ballarat Sports Club.[2]

Location: LOT 9 Creswick Rd Wendouree VIC 3355 -37.537967, 143.848677 Map: Google Maps

Background[edit | edit source]

In February 1866 the hotel was described as having become a "beershop" with a restricted license which meant it could only trade between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was organizing shooting competitions in February 1857:

A PIGEON MATCH will take place at the Turf Hotel, Creswick Creek Road, on Saturday, 14th February, by twenty members, at £2 each, for three prizes. Immediately after, a Rifle Match, by twenty members, at £1 each, for three prizes. The tickets and every information can be obtained either at the Boston Rifle Gallery, or at the Turf Hotel.[4]

There were Xmas sports offered at the hotel in December 1858:

THE TURF HOTEL.-A rather better programme than usual is put forward by the enterprising proprietor of this popular hotel, which is situated at just such a distance from the town as to give a pleasantly rural character to the scene. A prize of ten sovs. is offered to the winner in a race for all untrained horses not to carry more than eight stone. A pony race succeeds, with a £5 prize, and a hack race for sweepstakes follows. These are not the only sports, however, for prizes are also offered in foot-races, standing high leaps, wheelbarrow race, &c. Racing commencing at noon.[5]

There was a robbery at the hotel in June 1861:

ROBBERY AT THE TURF HOTEL.-Henry Jackson, alias James Pembleton, and Joseph Rigby, prisoners of the crown, were brought up charged with stealing certain property at the Turf Hotel, on the Creswick Road. In the absence of the witnesses for the prosecution the prisoners were remanded.[6]

In October 1864 the hotel held pigeon shooting matches[7]:

The first of a series of pigeon shooting matches for the season, under the auspices of the Pigeon Shooting Club, came off in the neighborhood of the Turf Hotel on Friday afternoon. The weather was very much against the sport but notwithstanding this drawback there was a very good attendance both of sporting men and spectators. Four matches were arranged, but owing to the frequent delays occasioned by the intervals of rain only three came off. The first, a sweepstake match, was won by Mr Hunt. The second match, the event of the day, for the challenge cup, value £20, was won by Mr Whitehouse after a very close contest. The cup requires to be won four times ere it becomes private property. The third match, which was contested in double shooting, resulted in favor of Messrs Nicholls and Harrison, who divided the sweepstakes.[8]

In August 1865, the hotel was advertising rabbit coursing.[9]

In May 1866 the hotel was offered for sale:

For Sale or to Let. THE TURF HOTEL, with 12-acre Paddock. Apply to HEPBURN and LEONARD, Lydiard street.[10]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • In January 1864 the hotel was the venue for the annual butcher's races.[11]
  • In October 1864 the hotel was the venue for a political meeting by Mr. Morton.[7]

Inquests[edit | edit source]

  • In April 1857 the hotel was the venue for an inquest on a woman who was killed outside the hotel:
Inquests were held on Friday. 3rd instant, before Dr. Glendinning, the coroner :-At the Turf Inn, on the body of Jane Lucas, aged 31. From the evidence, it appeared that on Thursday afternoon the deceased, with her husband, was returning home to the Dead Horse Gully, on her husband's bullock dray ; and on passing the Turf Inn the husband went in to get a drink, allowing the bullocks to go on. Immediately after the deceased was seen trying to get off the dray, when she fell on her back, and the off wheel of the dray went over her neck and face, causing fracture of the base of the skull and of the jaw-bone, from the effects of which she died in fifteen or twenty minutes. Verdict - "Accidental Death."[12]

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References[edit | edit source]

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