Ascot Street Brewery

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Ascot Street Brewery
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Town Ballarat
Street Ascot Street
Known dates 1867-1873
Other names Tyne Brewery
Tyneside Brewery

The Ascot Street Brewery was a brewery in Ballarat, <1867-1873>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The brewery was in Ascot Street South, close to Sturt Street.[1] In 1867 it was referred to as the Tyne or Tyneside Brewery.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The brewery was offered for sale in July 1867:

To Capitalists, Brewers, lemonade Manufacturers and Others. FOR SALE, or LEASE, with right of purchase, all those premises known as the Tyne Brewery, Ascot street, with large store rooms, cellars, stables, and all the necessary plant connected with the business. Immediate possession. Terms—Liberal, For further particulars apply to JAMES ODDIE and CO., Land and Estate Agents, 31 Dana street.[2]

The brewery was offered for sale in July 1873:

WEDNESDAY, 9th JULY, At Twelve o'clock, On the Premises, Ascot Street, few- doors South of Sturt Street. BREWERY, VATS, COFFERS, &c.To Brewers, Merchants, Capitalists, Others. R. TUNBRIDGE and CO. have received instructions from the owner to sell by public auction, as above, All those substantial and commodious buildings, situate in Ascot street, forming one Complete BREWERY, comprising one building 54 feet x 33 feet, with large verandah 15 feet wide, covered with galvanised iron; bottling house and four-stalled stable, 48 feet x 21 feet, with spacious loft, and covered with galvanised iron ; buggy-house, &c. Together with 1 Boiler, 10 feet deep, 71 feet diameter; 2 400 -gallon iron Tanks, 1 galvanised iron Pump; 2 Vats, 8 feet deep, 6 feet diameter ; 1 galvanized iron Vat, 5 feet x 5 feet; 1 Mash Tun, 6 feet diameter; 1 40-gallon iron Copper, and Furnace Frame ; and about 300 feet of Trestles. No Reserve. Terms at Sale.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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