Victoria Hotel (Beaufort)

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Victoria Hotel
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Town Beaufort
Known dates 1879-1896

The Victoria Hotel was a hotel in Beaufort, Victoria, <1879-1896>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Beaufort.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In November 1879, a "giant" was to be on view at the hotel:

Rob Roy, the Scotch giant, 29 stone in weight and 72 inches round the waist, is announced to hold a levee at Ingram's Victoria hotel, Beaufort, next Saturday; and at Waterloo on the following Monday.[2]

There was a legal problem when the license was transferred from Edward Ingram to Tennis Vanderstoel in 1881. The Supreme court ruled that the transfer was illegally granted by a magistrate in Ararat, not at Beaufort:

THE QUEEN V ALLEY, EXPARTE INGRAM. Rule nisi on the return to a writ of certiorari to quash the transfer of a certificate of licence of an hotel at Beaufort Mr Hodges moved the rule absolute, Mr M'Farlane, showed cause. The case had been argued last term, on the application for the writ of certiorari. The point in the case was whether the police magistrate could grant a transfer of a licence when not sitting in the district in which the house was situated. Ingram had rented an hotel at Beaufort, but had left the place during the currency of the licence, and on the next day the owner, Mr Conran, obtained from Mr Alley a certificate of the transfer of the licence from Ingram to a person named Van der Stoel. Mr Alley was at the time sitting in the Ararat district. The Court on the application for the certiorari held that the police magistrate had no jurisdiction to give a certificate for transfer outside his district, and granted the writ for the certiorari. The writ was taken out as Van der Stoel continued to sell liquor. The papers having come up, it was sought to quash the transfer. It was conceded, for Van der Stoel, that the transfer must be quashed, but it was contended that no costs should be given ; Ingram was not benefited in any way by having the house shut up ; that the objection was a merely technical one ; that it was necessary that Van der Stoel should continue to sell till the transfer was actually quashed. The Court held that Van der Stoel ought to pay the costs of this rule, and therefore made the rule absolute with costs.[3]

Later in September 1881, the problem with license continued, and Tennis Vanderstoel threatened Edward Ingram in the street with a pistol:

Mr Vanderstoel of the Victoria hotel, to-day, at four o'clock, near-the post office, presented a pistol at Mr Ingram, the former occupier of the building. The occurrence took place while Ingram was serving a document on him respecting the license. Ingram ran to the telegraph lobby, and closed the door until Vanderstoel left. Vanderstoel is now arrested, and the charge will be heard next Thursday.[4]

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