Victoria Hotel (Daylesford)

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Victoria Hotel
Date unknown
Town Daylesford
Street 57 Vincent Street
Known dates 1885-1949
Other names also known as the Hotel Victoria
Evidence Building still standing
Google maps -37.342700, 144.142565

The Victoria Hotel was a hotel in Daylesford, <1860-1949>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Daylesford.[1] The address is now 57 Vincent Street.

It was originally built,owned and run by Italian immigrant John Lavezzolo on the site of his bakery,reaching completion by 1860.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Italian born Daylesford identity John Lavezzolo built the hotel on the site of his bakery by 1860.

The hotel was one of six Daylesford hotels listed in the 1885 Victorian Railways Tourist's guide.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Single storey building, c.1900

The hotel, then a single storey building, was described in the Weekly Times in December 1900:

VICTORIA HOTEL. A really comfortable hostelry is the Victoria, the property of a well-known sport in the person of Mr George Brown. He is the secretary of the Daylesford Racing Club, and president of the District Football Association, which comprises the Daylesford, Hepburn, Mount Prospect, Eganstown, and Kidd's Gully clubs. Naturally enough, the Victoria Hotel is a centre of sporting interest, and thither resort all who wish to keep themselves well informed on this ever attractive subject. Situated in the main street, the hotel is commodious and comfortable. Plenty of accommodation is provided for boarders, and a speciality is made of the meals supplied. Mr Brown has had experience in the trade, and claims that none can excel his beef and mutton, to say nothing of the poultry. Bedrooms are very cosy and inviting, there is a pianoforte for the musical, card-rooms for lovers of the game, and a billiard-table adjoining. Visitors for a season will find the host attentive to their wants, and, with over thirty years' residence, a mine of information on all subjects respecting the district.[2]

In January 1925 visitors staying at hotel were robbed:

Early on Sunday morning thieves entered bedrooms at the Commercial Hotel and Hotel Victoria and robbed visitors from Melbourne who were staying over the week-end. The following amounts were reported missing from the Hotel Victoria:- Two women £9 and £6, and one man £5; Commercial Hotel:- Two men £8/10 and £5/10/. In every case the door of the room had been left unlocked. The money belonging to the women was taken off the dressing table, and the men had their pockets rifled. A gold watch and chain was left in the pocket of one person, and jewellery and other valuables were left in other cases. The police are making inquiries.[3]

In September 1932 the hotel was one of four hotels in the district to be threatened with having their licenses removed for not being sewered:

Sanitation of hotels at tourist resorts is regarded by the Licensing Court as of the greatest importance. Mr V. Tanner, a member of the Court made this clear at a sitting of the Court yesterday, during a discussion of notices which were sent to the owners of the Commercial, Raglan, and Victoria Hotels, at Daylesford, and the Hepburn Hotel, at Hepburn, calling upon them to show cause why their licences should not be revoked for having failed to install sewerage systems. The Court was informed that the owners of the Commercial and Victoria hotels were prepared to install septic tanks before Christmas, and the cases were adjourned. The Court granted the owner of the Raglan Hotel an adjournment of six months to enable him to raise the necessary money for the installation. The notice against the Hepburn hotel was adjourned until November.[4]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the License Reduction Board in August 1937:

The case of the Victoria Hotel was adjourned for thirty days, so that the owners could complete the plans for remodelling.[5]

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