West's Hotel

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West's Hotel
West's Hotel, c.1890
Town Ballarat
Street Armstrong Street
Known dates 1863-1882
Other names Foundry Hotel
Phoenix Coffee Palace

West's Hotel was hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, 1863-1882>.

Site[edit | edit source]

West's Hotel was on the west side of Armstrong Street South[1], about midway between Sturt Street and Dana Street.[2] It is shown in a Victoria Museum photo c.1890. This now the site of the Central Square Shopping Centre.

Background[edit | edit source]

West's Hotel had previously been called the Foundry Hotel.[1] It was named after it's publican, George West.

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was the terminus for Harris's Line of coaches between Ballarat and Haddon.[3]

In July 1863 the hotel was granted a night license.[4]

Coffee palace[edit | edit source]

The hotel closed and was reopened as a coffee palace on 6 April 1881:

WILL OPEN ON WEDNESDAY, 6th APRIL WITH A FREE DINNER. PHŒNIX COFFEE PALACE AND LARDER (Late West's), 28 ARMSTRONG STREET. The Palace is open. Oh! come there and see Good tasty meals, only SIXPENCE — pastry, coffee, and tea. The lessee of this palatial establishment solicits the attention of the public to the advantages afforded to patrons in the three great requirements of nature, EATING, DRINKING, and SLEEPING! The house is built of brick, at a cost of nearly £4000—a perfect multum in parvo —containing upwards of twenty rooms, comprising sample rooms several parlors, sitting-rooms, and numerous sleeping apartments, offering very superior accommodation to ladies, bachelors, married couples, families, and others; and supplying meals at sixpence each in first-class style. MEAT, FISH, POULTRY, and GAME, when in season. The sleeping apartments are well ventilated, lofty, clean, and comfortable, and inviting to " tired nature's sweet restorer—balmy sleep," with snugness and seclusion that can seldom be found at a hotel. BEDS, 1s; BOARD and RESIDENCE, 15s weekly. Mild and unexcitable drinks and amusements, such as dominoes, draughts, chess, &c., &c. XXX Ginger Ale, Vigorine, Lemonade, Soda water, &c. Stimulants can be obtained from the hotel adjoining, if desired. Soup, 3d per plate; Tea or Coffee, 3d per cup, Pastry, 3d per plate; Boiled or Fried Eggs, with bread and butter, 6d; Ham and Eggs, 1s. Reading and Smoking Room, Baths (hot and cold), Stabling, Buggy House, &c. Private entrance. E. ROBERTS, Lessee (late of Stawell). (EXTRACT.)
Lord Norton, on opening a coffee tavern at Leamington lately, said the coffee taverns which had been established in all parts of the country were than as an incentive to self-denial of the good, which were intended to be used in moderation and with thankfulness. Unfortunately they must allow that the cause of abstinence in this country had ample justification in the excess which prevailed. He had one hundred votes offered him on one occasion, when be was seeking election as a member of Parliament, on condition that he went in for total abstinence. That, they must admit, was a tempting offer. His answer was that he lived a pretty hard, laborious life of mental work, and he could not do wit&out an occasional glass of sherry, and he would not give that up for the sake of those who could not avoid getting drank. He did not see why the sober man should be sacrificed to the drunken man.[5]

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