Western Hotel (Ballarat East)

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Western Hotel
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Town Ballarat East
Known dates 1861-1870

The Western Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1861-1870>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in the Ballarat East Licensing District.[1] The hotel was located in Bridge Street.[2] Is this the same hotel as the Great Western Hotel, also in Bridge Street?

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In January 1861, the publican, William Showers, was fined 5s and costs for being open on Christmas Day.[3]

In December 1861 a man was charged with stealing an accordion from the hotel:

A FORGIVING PROSECUTOR.- John Clarke was charged with stealing a rosewood concertina from Mr Nixon. The prosecutor said he did not wish to press the charge. The prisoner had spent his Christmas in gaol, and had been in the employment of witness for eighteen months. He had been found honest up the present accusation. The Bench decided to hear the case. Joseph Nixon deposed that before proceeding to New Zealand he had left a trunk, containing clothes and a concertina, with Mr Showers, at the Western Hotel. When he returned to Ballarat he found that the lock had been broken off the box and the concertina taken thence. The concertina now produced was the one. He valued it at £8 Mr Showers informed the police of the robbery. Wm. Showers deposed that he kept the Western Hotel, and in September last the prosecutor left him a trunk to keep for him. On the morning of the 9th he found the box open, and missed the concertina. The prisoner had been frequenting the house of witness, and used to sleep there occasionally. The prisoner was drunk on the day of the robbery. Jacob Showman, pawnbroker, deposed that he was a licensed pawnbroker, and the concertina produced was pledged by the prisoner with him. Gave him £1 on it. He was tipsy at the time, and said he had been on the spree. Gave the concertina to the detectives. The prisoner in reply to the Bench said he was tipsy at the time of committing the offence. The bench said they had no alternative but to commit him for trial.[4]

The hotel was flooded during the big flood of October 1869, but there was no damage reported.[2]

In January 1870 the publican, Daniel O'Hehir, sold all the hotel's fiitngs by ausction:

WEDNESDAY, 5th JANUARY. At Twelve o'clock, SALE BY AUCTION. At the Western Hotel, Bridge street. Household Furniture, Superior Bagatelle Table, Bar, Bar Fittings, Gas Fixtures, and Stock-in-Trade. WILLIAM B. RODIER has been favored with instructions from Mr Daniel O'Hehir to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises, Western Hotel, Bridge street, at Noon, on Wednesday next, the 5th January, 1870, The whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, together with the Stock-in-trade of Wines, Spirits, &c., and a very superior slate Billiard Bagatelle Table. Terms at Sale. W. E. RODIER, Auctioneer.[5]

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