Wheatsheaf Hotel (Ascot)

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Wheatsheaf Hotel
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Town Ascot
Known dates 1858-1870

The Wheatsheaf Hotel was at Ascot, Victoria, <1858-1870>.

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The hotel was in Ascot.[1][2]

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History[edit | edit source]

The Wheatsheaf Hotel is listed as being at Ascot in 1858.[1] A City of Ballarat paper on Ascot says there was only ever one hotel at Ascot, the Ascot Hotel.[3] This is not correct.

In August 1870, Howell Morgan tried to transfer the license to James Sparks:

The application for the transfer of the license for the Wheatsheaf hotel, Ascot, from Howell Morgan to James Sparks, was opposed by the police on account of the transferee having been convicted of felony and his otherwise bad repute. Application refused.[4]

In October 1870 the publican was absent:

Police v Howell Morgan, absenting himself from his licensed house, viz., the Wheatsheaf beer-shop, Ascot, for more than 28 days; no appearance of defendant; postponed for one week.[5]

This was followed up in court a couple of weeks later:

Police v Howell Morgan, permitting an unlicensed person, to wit James Sparks, to be the keeper of his licensed house; Mr Finlayson for the defendant. James Sparks, a drover, deposed that he lived at the Wheatsheaf hotel, Ascot, for which Howell Morgan held a license. Was not married, but had five children. Carried on the business for Morgan. Mr Thomas, of Sebastopol, was the owner of the house, and witness paid the rent to Thomas. Morgan usually came to the house about once a fortnight. Was in the habit of lending Morgan money. The takings of the house were about five shillings a week, which he handed over to Morgan. Mr Thomas, who was called, deposed that he purchased the house from Morgan, and received the rent from Sparks, whom he considered as the tenant; case dismissed.[6]

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