Whim Holes Hotel

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Whim Holes Hotel
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Town Whim Holes (near Enfield.
Known dates 1867-1877

The Whim Holes Hotel was a hotel at Whim Holes, Victoria, <1867-1877>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at the Whim Holes[1], gold rush site near Enfield.[2] An 1872 Buninyongshire report places the hotel about one mile from the Woodlands Hotel:

From ratepayers of the west riding, pointing out to the council the necessity of making about a mile of road from the present end of the metal, between the Woodlands hotel and Field’s Whim Holes hotel.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In February 1867 the Buninyongshire was asked to construct three chains of roadway and culverts next to the hotel.[4]

In May 1870, a man attempted to hold up the hotel:

A MYSTERIOUS BUSHRANGER. Mr Thomas Field, landlord of the Whim Holes hotel, has lodged the following singular information with the Smythesdale police. On Monday evening, about eight o'clock a man,. whom Mr Field supposed to be an Englishman, and about twenty eight years of age, five feet ten inches in height, medium build, and who had fair hair, slight moustache, small goatee, called at the Whim Holes Hotel and had a few drinks at the bar. The stranger represented himself as a detective from Melbourne on leave of absence, and on his way to Giblins', Break-o'-day, to shoot rabbits. About eleven o'clock, he suddenly presented a revolver, demanded money, and commanded them to show him through the house. Mr Field said there was no money to be had, whereupon the fellow snapped his revolver at the barman, but the pistol did not go off. The stranger then loaded his revolver, and immediately decamped. Mr Field's man instantly got a double barrelled gun and went out after the fugitive, who, however, got away. A short time afterwards his visitor came back to the window and asked for a drink, but the alarm being raised he scampered off and managed to escape. It was further stated that there could be no doubt as to the traveller having ammunition with him, as some cartridges were found in the house where he had dropped them:. It was supposed that he had gone in the direction of Rokewood. On Tuesday evening Mounted constable M'Grath, of Smythesdale, with others, started off in search of the alleged offender, and up till after four o'olook on Wednesday had not returned. It was then. beginning to be apprehended that something serious must have caused the delay.[5]

In July 1877 the hotel building was destroyed:

FROM Ballarat we learn that on Tuesday morning a fire occurred at Field's Whim Holes Hotel, the premises being destroyed, and Mrs. Field narrowly escaping with her life. The place was insured.[6]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Sport[edit | edit source]

In July 1869 the hotel was a venue for hunting with hounds:

Mr J. C. Rowlands' hounds met at the Whim Holes hotel yesterday. The direction taken was towards Broom's Mill, where the hounds found and went away. After a very fast run of over twelve miles, the hounds ran into their quarry within a few miles of Rokewood, without a single check from start to finish.[8]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In May 1870 the publican was Thomas Field.[5]
  • In December 1877 the license was granted to Elizabeth Richards, even though the police had unsuccessfully objected on the grounds of lack of accommodation.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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