William Conn

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William Conn
Born c.1830
Died 18 July 1885
Ararat, Victoria
Occupation Publican
Years active 1882
Known for Royal Standard Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Catherine Conn
Children Christina

William Conn was a publican in Ballarat, <1882>.

History[edit | edit source]

William Conn was born in c.1830.[1] He held the license for the Royal Standard Hotel in Doveton Street, Ballarat.

In February 1882 Conn was elected as a member of the Ballarat Licensed Victuallers' Association.[2]

In April 1882 he had to call the police to remove a customer from the hotel:

ATTACKING A CONSTABLE.- A man named David Simpson was charged with having assaulted Constable Trainor. Trainor stated that he was called by Mr Conn, of the Royal Standard hotel, to remove the prisoner from his premises. Trainer advised Conn to put Simpson and his property out on the footpath, and went away. Prisoner then came over to Brophy's hotel, where he (witness) was standing, and, without provocation, struck him a violent blow in the chest. Constable Hannigan corroborated this evidence. The prisoner was fined 20s, in default one week's imprisonment.[3]

In March 1883, a man was charged with stealing underwear belonging to Mrs. Conn:

LARCENY.—Thomas Hughes was charged with stealing some ladies' underclothing, value 18s, the property of Mrs Catherine Conn, of the Royal Standard hotel. Prisoner said he had been drunk for some time past, and was not aware of what he was doing. Sentenced, to fourteen days' imprisonment.[4]

Conn did not stay long at the hotel as his health was failing and he offered the hotel for lease in June 1883:

TO LET, the Royal Standard Hotel, Doveton street. A profitable investment for an energetic business man. Present proprietor retiring on account of failing health. Immediate possession. Particulars on application to William Conn, Royal Standard Hotel, Doveton street south.[5]

In August 1883, Conn attempted to lease the hotel. A dishonoured cheque had him taken to court:

Freeman v Conn—An action to recover £24 on a dishonoured cheque. Mr Salter for plaintiff and Mr Cuthbert for defendant. Defendant is the proprietor of the Royal Standard hotel, in Doveton street, and plaintiff an auctioneer in Armstrong street. Defendant advertised to let the hotel, and a Mr Sheridan applied. An agreement was drawn up between the two parties, and Sheridan deposited £25 with defendant as security for fulfilment. The agreement was subsequently annulled, and the defendant's wife, Mrs. Conn, gave Sheridan a post dated cheque for £24 in payment of the deposit. Sheridan passed the cheque over to Freeman, from whom he had previously obtained the £25. The cheque was subsequently dishonoured on presentation. A lengthy argument ensued between his Honour and counsel for the plaintiff as to whether a post dated cheque was In law a bill of exchange, and as such should bear a 6d duty stamp. For the plaintiff Mr Sheridan was examined, after which defendant's wife was put into the box. Mrs Conn stated that she transacted the whole of her husband's business. She received £25 from Sheridan, who subsequently called to have the money back. Witness told him there was no money in the bank. Mr Sheridan then drew out a cheque, and asked witness to get her husband's signature to it. She told him her husband would not sign it. Witness took the cheque out to please Mr Sheridan, and after the lapse of a few minutes returned with the cheque. She told Mr Sheridan that her daughter had signed it and it was of no account. Witness asked that it should not be given to Mr Freeman in consequence, and he promised it would not. Mr Sheridan promised not to part with the cheque to anyone. The cheque was signed by witness' daughter Christina Conn. At this stage Mr Salter applied for a nonsuit. His Honour granted the application with £3 5s costs against the plaintiff.[6]

Conn died in Ararat on 18 July 1885:

CONN.—On the 18th July, at Ararat, William Conn, late of the Royal Standard hotel, Doveton street, Ballarat, aged 55 years.[1]

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