William Dutton

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William Dutton
Occupation Groom
Years active 1863
Known for Victoria Hotel
Home town Rokewood

William Dutton was a groom in Rokewood, Victoria, <1863>.

History[edit | edit source]

William Dutton was employed as a groom at the Victoria Hotel, in Rokewood.

In November 1863, Dutton was assisted in an inquest into the death of a six year old boy, Nicholas Rowler, who had allegedly died after drinking gin:

William Dutton, groom at the Victoria Hotel, deposed that he was engaged by the police to take up the coffin containing the body of the deceased, then lying in the cemetery at Rokewood. Mr McLachlan, a farmer, pointed out to him where the body was buried. The coffin remained in his possession until the lid was removed in the presence of the coroner and the jury. He was present when Mrs Rowler, the aunt of the deceased, identified the body as that of Nicholas Rowler.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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