William Hamilton

From Hotels of Ballarat
William Hamilton
Born c1832
Hamilton, Scotland
Died 7 September 1910
Melbourne, Victoria
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Publican
Years active 1867-1876
Known for Scarsdale Hotel
Black Swan Hotel
Home town Scarsdale

William Hamilton was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1867-1876>.

History[edit | edit source]

William Hamilton was born in Hamilton, near Glasgow, Scotland, c1832.

He had the license for the Scarsdale Hotel, Scarsdale.

In 1867 he received a large inheritance:

The opening drops of a golden shower (writes our local correspondent) fell at Scarsdale on Wednesday in the shape of a letter received by the Panama mail, informing Mr Wm. Hamilton, joint landlord of the Scarsdale hotel, of the death of an aunt of his, who has bequeathed him £1000, as also £1000 to his brother, Mr D. Hamilton, and a similar amount to Miss Hamilton, who resides with her brother William at the hotel. The members of the family, natives of Hamilton, near Glasgow, occupied a respectable position in their native country.[1]

In April 1876 he returned to Europe for a trip, and a dinner was held to mark the occasion:

The farewell banquet to Mr W. Hamilton took place in the Town-hall, Scarsdale, on Friday evening last. The chair was well sustained by Mr C. P. Funcke, Mayor of the borough of Browns and Scarsdale, with the guest of the evening oh the right, and the vice chairs by Mr G. Pender; president of the Grenvilleshire Council, and Dr Stewart respectively. After the excellent viands, provided by Mr C. Miller, had been done real justice to, some excellent instrumental music was performed by Messrs Cutler and Crook. The various loyal toasts were given and responded to heartily. “The Parliament ” was proposed and responded to by Mr E. Parker in a humorous speech, apologies having been road from Messrs Clarke and Lock, the members for the district, who were unable to attend on account of the prorogation of Parliament taking place the same afternoon. The chairman then proposed "The Guest of the Evening," which was received with applause. He remarked that all would agree with him in wishing Mr Hamilton a prosperous trip to Europe, and he hoped a speedy return hence. He at the same time presented Mr Hamilton with an address as a mark of the general esteem in which he was held. Mr Hamilton, who was warmly received, in a very feeling but brief speech thanked them for the honor they had done him, and hoped they would take the will for the deed in his not responding at length. The various toasts of “The Mining, Agricultural, and Commercial Interests,” “The Visitors,” “The Ladies,” and “ The Press," were duly honored. The pleasure of the evening was greatly enhanced by songs from Messrs W. and A. Young, Pender, Parker, and Heywood. The health of the host and hostess was heartily drunk and was responded to by Mr Miller. A vote of thanks to the chair and vice-chairs and the singing of “Auld lang syne” and “God save the Queen" closed a very pleasant evening.[2]

Hamilton died in Melbourne on 7 September 1910:

DEATH OF A PIONEER. On Wednesday, at his neice’s residence in Melbourne, Mr William Hamilton one of the earliest pioneers of this district, passed away, after a short illness, at the advanced age of 78 years. In the early days he had a drapery establishment on Browns, then a thriving goldfield and later on was in business at Scarsdale and Newtown. At the later place he for many years kept the “Black Swan,” and the “Railway" Hotel. For the past 30 years or so he had resided in the Colac district, but made periodical visits to his old home and acquaintances, amongst whom he was very popular on account of his unassuming, cheery, and charitable disposition.[3]

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