William Henry Barrow

From Hotels of Ballarat
William Henry Barrow
Occupation Builder
Years active 1850s
Home town Ballarat

William Henry Barrow was a builder in Ballarat, Victoria, <1850s>

History[edit | edit source]

Barrow built the Thistle Hotel in Mair Street.[1]

Barrow was boarding at the Red Lion Hotel when his nose was bitten off:

Barrow had a mordant proof of the virulence of theological strife one day when he was lodging in the now vanished Holmes’ Red Lion hotel, in Drummond street. He got mixed up somehow with a dispute be tween a Catholic and a Protestant over the claims of the Virgin Mary to reverence, and the Catholic fell upon him tooth and fist and bit off and swallowed the end of his nose. Barrow sought satisfaction in a criminal prosecution of his cannibal assailant, who was indicted for feloniously wounding. The case came on at the Assize Court before Mr Justice Barry. Mr (afterwards Judge) Cope prosecuted for the Crown. The broad jowled, wide-browed, merry-eyed, mercurial Richard Davies Ireland, Q C., dead years ago, in defending the prisoner, contended that the indictment was bad, as no instrument was used in the assault. The court allowed the plea, and the prisoner escaped, the Crown Prosecutor uselessly protesting that such law would enable one man to eat off another man’s head with impunity.[1]

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