William Henry Newton

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William Henry Newton
Born 1827
Died 10 December 1906
Occupation Publican
Years active 1865
Home town Mount Prospect
Spouse(s) Mary Ann Stoneman
Children Henry Newton
  • Rachel Young (father)
  • John Newton (mother)

William Henry Newton was a publican at Mount Prospect, <1865>.

History[edit | edit source]

William Henry Newton was the eldest son of John Newton and Rachel Young. He emigrated to Victoria in 1848, married 1849, settled in Geelong.

In February 1865, he was granted a beer license for an unnamed premises at Mount Prospect.[1]

In 1878 he was the victim of an attempted murder:

EXTRAORDINARY SHOOTING CASE NEAR DAYLESFORD. [BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH.] (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT) DAYLESFORD, THURSDAY. At 9 o'clock this morning a farmer named William Hussey went into the paddock of a neighbour, W. H. Newton, at Mount Prospect, armed with a double barrelled gun, and without saying a word, he levelled the weapon at William Emmerson, Newton's ploughman. Emmerson seeing the action, got behind the plough horse. Newton's son, who was ploughing a short distance from Emmerson, seeing his danger, at tempted to get out of the way, when Hussey changed his aim and fired at Newton. The latter stooped, and miraculously escaped, as the ball lodged in a stump a few feet from him in a line with and above his head. The men and others who were working in the paddock ran for the Telegraph Hotel, situated at the corner of the paddock, Hussey after them. They got into the hotel and hid, with the exception of a man named John Robinson. Hussey ran wildly about the house seeking for Newton to murder him, when Robinson grappled with him, and after a desperate struggle Robinson got Hussey down, and with assistance secured and disarmed him after a desperate fight. The other barrel of the gun was loaded, and in his pocket Hussey had a six-chambered revolver with all the barrels loaded. Hussey raved violently for some time, when he suddenly got quiet, and appeared to sleep. Trooper Thynne came and took him to the Daylesford lockup in a cart, he being all the time insensible. He was taken to the hospital, and never recovered consciousness, and died in 20 minutes after admission not withstanding the exertions of the medical men. The cause of the attempt was a bad feeling between Newton and Hussey, as the former had impounded Hussey's cattle, and it is said Hussey drank a quart of gin that morning before the occurrence. He had on his person over £2000.[2]

In 1903 he was charged with sex offences:

A TERRIBLE CHARGE. At the Daylesford Court of Petty Sessions on Wednesday, before Messrs Goldsmith, P.M., and Parker and Howe, J.'sP., William Henry Newton, a man 76 years of age, was charged with attempting an offence on two girls under the age of 16. The prosecution was conducted by Superintendent Young, of Ballarat, and Mr J. L. Purves, K.C. (instructed by Messrs Brunt and Shellard), appeared to defend. Mr Purves argued that the case must break down, owing to lack of corroborative evidence, but the bench considered a case had been made out, and committed accused for trial at Melbourne, on April allowing bail. As the evidence was practically the same in both cases, the second charge was thereupon withdrawn.[3]

The court hearing was held in Bendigo:

William Henry Newton 70 years of age pleaded not guilty to three charges of indecent assault upon a girl, 12 years of age, at Daylesford, on February 10, 16, and 19. Mr. J. L. Purves (instructed by Messrs Tucker and R. W. Shellard) appeared for the defence. The case was not concluded when the Court adjourned.[4]

He died in Daylesford in 1906:

NEWTON. On the 10th December, at his residence, Duke-street, Daylesford, William Henry Newton, in his 80th year. A colonist of 58 years.[5]

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