William Henry Oatway

From Hotels of Ballarat
William Henry Oatway
Born c.1841
Died 11 October 1931
Occupation Butcher
Years active 1871-1909
Known for Black Ball Hotel
Royal Don Hotel
Sale Yards Hotel
Horse Bazaar Hotel
Royal Oak Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) ?
Harriett Hoyles
Children Sadie

William Henry Oatway was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1871-1909>.

History[edit | edit source]

Oatway was born about 1841.[1]

In March 1871 Oatway applied for the license of the Black Ball Hotel in Howard Street, Ballarat:

TO the Licensing Magistrates of Ballarat — I, WILLIAM HENRY OATWAY, of Howard street, Ballarat, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will, at the next Licensing Meeting, apply for a PUBLICAN'S LICENSE, for a house situated at Howard street, Ballarat, containing six rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family, and known as the Black Ball Hotel. The 10th day of March, 1871.[2]

In 1879 Oatway was a butcher living in Creswick Road. In October 1879 he made a citizen's arrest after being alerted that a six year old girl was being sexually assaulted in a nearby shed:

Witness (John Goldsmith) then went into the street again, and meeting a Mr Oatway both returned to the shed, on which the prisoner (Frederick Barnfather) walked away, and Mr Oatway went after him...The child did not cry till the man left her. William Henry Oatway, a butcher, residing in the Creswick road, deposed that he saw the prisoner and the child standing close together in the shed. The prisoner’s clothes were disarranged, and his person was exposed. As soon as the prisoner saw him he went away, and the child began to cry. (Oatway) followed the prisoner and arrested him, and brought him to the City lock-up.[3]

His wife died in September 1885:

THE friends of Mr WILLIAM HENRY OATWAY are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late dearly beloved Wife to the place of interment, the Ballarat New Cemetery. The funeral cortege is appointed to move from his residence, No. 54 Howard street, Soldiers Hill, on Saturday, 19th September, at 4 o’clock p.m. THOMAS WELLINGTON and CO., (late F. Atkins), Undertakers, 7 Dawson street south, and 9 Doveton street north.[4]

Oatway held the license for the Royal Don Hotel in Mair Street, Ballarat. He took over the license from Abraham Hanson in March 1888.[5]

He married Harriet Hoyles.

His son died in August 1890:

THE Friends of Mr WILLIAM HENRY and HARRIETT OATWAY are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their late dearly beloved adopted son, Lewis McDonald McLennan, to their last resting-place, Ballarat New Cemetery. The funeral will leave their residence, Royal Don Hotel, Mair street, corner Raglan street, on Sunday, at 3 p.m.[6]

In August 1896 Oatway was charged with selling watered down liquor at the Royal Don Hotel:

At the city court to-day, W. H. Oatway landlord of the Royal Don Hotel, was charged with vending spirits 27 deg. under proof. Mr. Barrett, who appeared for the defence, showed that Mr O'Connor, excise inspector, had purchased the liquor from Mrs. Oatway during the absence of her husband, who was licensee of the hotel, and who was therefore not responsible, as the sale took place while he was away from the premises. The defence was upheld, and the case was dismissed, with £2 2s. costs against the department.[7]

In April 1899 Oatway won a major prize. At the time he was the licensee of the Sale Yards Hotel in Doveton Street[8]:

The first thousand pound, prize of the Druids' Gala art-union was won by Mr. W. H. Oatway, hotelkeeper, in Doveton-street. Mr. Oatway is a Druid, and when asked by Mr. Dormer, the local secretary, to take a ticket, took a book which included the winning number.[9]

In February 1901, Oatway was the witness to the transfer documents for the Royal Oak Hotel, Creswick Road, from Sarah Kenyon to Hector Norman Wood.[10]

In September 1903, Oatway took over the license of the Horse Bazaar Hotel from C. E. Blayney.[11]

In February 1906 Oatway took over the license of the Royal Oak Hotel in Creswick Road, Ballarat.[12] Oatway was still living in Creswick Road, Ballarat North in 1909.[13]

In August 1913 Oatway's brother-in-law died:

KENYON. The friends of the late Mr William Hoyles Kenyon are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Ballarat New Cemetery. The funeral cortege is appointed to leave the residence of his sister, Mrs W. H. Oatway, Royal Oak Hotel, Creswick road, this day (Wednesday), at (4) four o'clock.[14]

On Boxing Day 1916 his daughter Lillian nearly drowned at Sorrento[15]:

IN GRAVE PERIL. BALLARAT YOUNG LADY RESCUED FROM DROWNING. The back beach at Sorrento was the scene of an exciting incident on Boxing Day, which was only averted from terminating in a tragedy the plucky action of four Ballarat residents. Mise Oatway, daughter of the licensee of the Royal Oak Hotel, is staying at the Cliff, and on Tuesday went in for bathe at the back beach. Miss Oatway is a strong swimmer, but the strong current proved too much for her, and she was gradually being borne seawards when her plight was noticed by Lieutenant Tom Ryan, who plunged in to her rescue. Lieutenant Ryan reached her, but the elements were too strong even lor him, and after about fifteen minutes' battling he too had to call for help. Messrs Owen, Gilbert and G. Jelbart then went to the assistance of the pair, and by joining hands when just about its far out as they could get on their feet ultimately got both ashore. Miss Oatway was fully half an hour on the beach before she recovered from her trying experience. The greatest credit is due not only to Lieutenant Ryan, but to the others for their prompt action. Mr Gilbert, who is not a swimmer, was specially complemented for the help he rendered under the circumstances.[16]

Oatway died on 11 October 1931:

OATWAY-On the 11th October William Henry Oatway, of Creswick road, Ballarat, the dearly beloved husband of Harriet Hoyles and loved father of Sadie (Mrs Cleary) and Lillian (Mrs N/ Weir) aged 90 years. At rest.[1]

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