William Irwin

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William Irwin
William Irwin
Born c. 1831
Knockaleery, Ireland
Died 22 January 1893
Years active 1858-1893
Known for Star Hotel
John o'Groat Hotel
Carriers' Arms
Provincial Hotel
Railway Station Refreshment Room
Home town Ballarat
Children John Alfred

William Irwin was a publican in Ballarat, <1858-1893

History[edit | edit source]

Irwin was the publican at several hotels, before building his Provincial Hotel in Lydiard Street North.

In November 1856, a meeting was held at Irwin's hotel, the Star Hotel in Main Road, to form Ballarat's first fire brigade. Irwin was elected as a member of the committee.[1]

In June 1858, his license for the Star Hotel was renewed.[2] In December 1858 he was charged with having an unlicensed bagatelle table, but did not appear at the Eastern Police Court. This angered the magistrate who fined him £3. Irwin attended the court later in the day and apologised, and the fine was reduced to 10s. This was the same as for other publicans charged with the same offence.[3] His license for the Star was renewed in June 1859, May 1860, and June 1861.[4][5][6]

In July 1861 Irwin held the license for the John o'Groat Hotel.[7]

In 1862, Irwin was the publican at the Carriers' Arms.[8]

Irwin was granted the publican's license for the Provincial Hotel in June 1863, December 1873 and 1875.[9][10][11]

In February 1881 the Ballarat Star reported on his history:

"Mr W. Irwin came to this Colony thirty years ago. He took out his first license for the Star hotel, Ballarat, in 1854, and claims, by virtue of this, to be the oldest holder of a publican's license in the trade, a fact hard to believe when the youthful, jolly appearance of the claimant is considered. In the Star Mr Irwin suffered by flood and fire. In the great flood known as the 'Magpie,' half of the house was washed away, and six other floods were safely got through. During the Eureka business the Star was the rendezvous of her Majesty's rebellious subjects, and as such was taken possession of and thoroughly searched by the police. Precautions had been taken however, and all treasonable papers buried under the floor of the house. which saved forfeiture of license. In 1861 the Star, which had, like this World, got safety through its watery troubles, had to succumb to fire, being totally destroyed. Mr Irwin was considerably burnt, and still carries marks of the catastrophe. He next occupied the John o'Groat hotel for two years; building the Provincial which then occupied the site now run through by the Ararat railway in the meantime, and moving into it on its completion. Government compensated Mr Irwin for compelling him to move the Provincial to the present site, the opposite side of Lydiard street from the railway. Like other residents in gold-bearing districts, the landlord of the Provincial is heavily engaged in mining, and has paid calls in as many as twenty-five claims this month."[12]

His son died in 1886:

The many friends of Mr William Irwin, proprietor of the Provincial hotel, Lydiard street, will regret to learn that his second son, John Alfred, died yesterday-morning after a long illness. The cause of death was dropsy, Mr Irwin, who was 21 years of age, resided with his father. He was a talented young man,, and during his preliminary educational course he passed successfully, at the School of Mines, three examinations with honors, including two in chemistry. The deceased was a great favorite with his tutors, and among his fellow students and acquaintances he was highly esteemed. He passed the Matriculation and Civil Service examinations while attending Mr Bain’s High School, in Camp street. His presence will be also greatly missed by the scholars of St. Andrew’s Sunday-school, of which he was a regular attendant. On two occasions he won prizes for being the best liked boy in the Sunday school. The funeral will take place to-day, at half-past 10 o’clock.[13]

William Irwin was a member of the Old Colonists' Association.

Irwin's brother, Robert Irwin had the Star Hotel at Italian Gully.[14]

William Irwin died in Ballarat on 22 January 1893, and is buried in the Ballarat Old Cemetery.[15]

Irwin.—On the 22nd January, at his residence, the Provincial Hotel, Lydiard street, William Irwin, aged 62 years. A resident of Ballarat for over 40 years.[16]

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