William Knight

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William Knight
Occupation Publican
Years active 1858
Known for Junction Hotel
City of York Hotel
North Star Hotel
Home town Ballarat

William Knight was a publican in Ballarat, <1858>, <1891>.

History[edit | edit source]

William Knight, 1850s[edit | edit source]

William Knight was granted the license for the Junction Hotel in Sturt Street, Ballarat, in June 1858.[1]

In September 1858 he wrote to the Benevolent Home about an old man his son had found in the street:

A letter was read from Mr James Knight, Junction Hotel, addressed to Mr J. Oddie, and from that gentleman to the Association, respecting an old crippled and destitute man, who had been during last week, discharged from the Ballarat Hospital. The old man was unable to walk, and was suffering from various causes ; the writer stated, that had it not been for the kindness of his son, who sheltered this unfortunate man, he must have died in the street. The distressing nature of this case was fully borne out by the appearance of the man, who was in attendance, and who evidently ought not to have been discharged from the Hospital. The opinion of the. members present was expressed generally in terms of disapproval of the conduct of the Hospital authorities with respect to this case. The following resolution was proposed by Mr. A. Anderson, and seconded by Mr .Mitchell—" That the Benevolent Association express their opinion that the Hospital authorities have acted with great inhumanity in discharging Barkley in a helpless condition, totally unfit to take care of himself. " Amendment proposed by the Rev. J. M. Strongman —" That the committee beg to call the attention of the Hospital Committee to the case of Harkley and others, who have been discharged without being fitted for labor, while totally unfitted to take care of themselves." The amendment not being seconded, the - original motion was carried. The man Harkley, who was scarcely able to walk, was taken care of by one of the members present, and provided for at a boarding house, until a special committee, appointed on this case, can devise some means for his proper care.[2]

William Knight, 1890s[edit | edit source]

There was also a publican named William Knight in Ballarat in the 1890s.

In June 1891 William Knight was at the City of York Hotel in Ligar Street. He transferred the license to Sophia Madder.[3]. He then moved to the North Star Hotel in Lydiard Street, taking over the license from Sarah Styles.[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

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