William Pobjoy

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William Pobjoy
Born 1831
Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
Died 19 January 1910
Malvern, Victoria
Nationality English
Occupation Publican
Years active 1873-1886
Known for Pavilion Hotel
Southern Cross Hotel
Unicorn Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Sophie King (1829-1887)
Children King William (1853–1931}
Charles Henley (1855–1909)
Henry Lewis (1857–1917)
Arthur George (1859–1949)
Agnes Sophia (1862–1915)
Joseph Edward (1865–1939)
Lottie Dixon (1866–1910)
Lily 1869–1922)
Daisy (1871-1872)
  • John Thomas Pobjoy (father)
  • Jemima Sharp (mother)

William Pobjoy was a publican in Ballarat, <1873-1886>

History[edit | edit source]

The Great Britain, 1853. Pobjoy made two trips in this ship in 1859 and 1861

Pobjoy was born in England in 1833, the son of John Thomas Pobjoy and Jemima Sharp.[1]

William Pobjoy married Sophie King in England in October 1852.[2] Sophie was working as a dress maker, and her mother, Sarah, was a school mistress.[3]

Pobjoy left the family with his mother in law, and came out to Australia on the Great Britain arriving in Melbourne in January 1859.[4] He spent some time in Creswick before returning to England, again on the Great Britain, arriving in Liverpool in July 1861. In October 1861 the whole family left England on the Blue Jacket arriving in Melbourne in January 1862. In March 1862, Pobjoy is advertising that he has returned to Creswick and opened a hair saloon.[5]

In August 1864, Pobjoy became an agent for the Ballarat Evening Post. This embroiled him in a legal case where the newspaper was trying to get money owed from their former agent. The company argued that the Pobjoy's position was a private arrangement with the former agent. Pobjoy had been collecting debts for the paper. The case was eventually dismissed.[6]

In September 1864 Pobjoy was elected to the position of Inspector of Nuisances with the Creswick Borough Council.[7]

From at last October 1864 to 1873 he was working as an auctioneer with an office in Albert Street.[8][9] The office was shared with James Martyn, a commission agent, and owned by Thomas W. Anthony, owner and publican of the adjacent American Hotel.[8]

In January 1866 he was the Captain of the Creswick Cricket Club.[10]

Pobjoy became a rate collector for the Borough of Creswick, and was also active in the community, as honorary Secretary of the Easter Sports Committee. Some of the council felt that he was spending council time on these community activities:

Some discussion having taken place as to the expediency of declaring Easter Monday a public holiday, it was suggested that Mr Pobjoy, rate-collector and honorary secretary of the Easter Sports Committee, should call on the principal men of business and ascertain if they were willing to close on the occasion. Cr Williams indignantly remarked that Fobjoy should not be allowed to neglect his duties in the way he was doing on account of the Easter sports; as a servant of the council he had other things to look after which he was paid for, and he had wasted too much time already. Some other member of the committee should be asked to go round on the subject. The Mayor said that the rate-collector had always asked his permission previous to doing anything, and Mr Pobjoy remarked that in assisting to make the Easter demonstration, if possible, a success, he bad been actuated by the impression that he was serving the general community and consequently the council.[11]

His children were also keen sportsmen, with Arthur, Henry and Charles all competing in events at the Boxing Day sports in 1868.[12]

In February 1869 Pobjoy was listed as the starter for the Creswick Turf Club races[13], and in April 1870 as a committee member for the Creswick Athletic Sports.[14]

In January 1873, he took over the license for the Pavilion Hotel at the Ballarat East Cricket Ground:

Mr Pobjoy, auctioneer, of Creswick, was the successful tenderer for the pavilion on the Eastern. Oval. Mr. Pobjoy is well-known among cricketers and others who take an interest in out-door sports.[9]

In December 1873, Pobjoy was again granted the licence for the Pavilion Hotel.[15] In May 1874 he hosted a dinner at the hotel:

Mr Pobjoy, of the Eastern Oval Pavilion, with a liberality not equalled there before, invited the members of the Ballarat Bowling Club to a supper on 1st May. A scratch match on the green in the was a pleasant prelude to the festivities of the evening at the pavilion, and after play was over the members present sat-down to supper. Mr M’Cubbin, the late president of the club, in the chair, and Mr Bade, the hon. treasurer in the vice-chair. The host does nothing generous by halves, and a sumptuous spread was laid that would have been ample for at least twice the number present.[16]

The dinner was part of his farewell, as he left the Pavilion to take a up the licence of the Southern Cross Hotel in Sturt Street.[17] In August 1875 he was hosting the annual meeting of the City Cricket and Bowling Club.[18]

In December 1875, the Licensing Court issued Pobjoy with a new certificate as he had lost his copy. He needed the certificate so he could renew the license at the next licensing day.[19]

In April 1878, Pobjoy was mentioned in the newspaper:

One of the prettiest specimens of the pure white hawk we have met with was shot a day or two since at Winter’s Flat. The bird is milk-white in-plumage, and has been purchased by Mr Pobjoy, of the Southern Cross hotel, who will have it stuffed, mounted, and added to his collection.[20]

In December 1884, Pobjoy was at the Unicorn Hotel in Sturt Street. In March 1886, he was granted permission to legally open a second bar at the hotel. He had installed a partition dividing the bar which need permission from the licensing court.[21] His wife, Sophie, died in Ballarat in 1887.

In 1897 Pobjoy had opened a business in Melbourne, at Albert Park, and later was managing coffee palaces in South Melbourne.

Pobjoy was living with his daughter in Malvern when he died in 1910.[1]

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