Wiltshire Arms Hotel

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Wiltshire Arms Hotel
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Town Delacombe, Ballarat
Street Glenelg Highway
Known dates 1865-1873

The Wiltshire Arms Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1865-1873>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was on the northwest corner of the Glenelg Highway and Wiltshire Lane.[1][2] Wiltshire Lane was known as Cherry Flat Road.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In January 1865 the Grenvilleshire Council called for tenders for road making at the hotel:

1. Draining, forming, and metalling 42 chains of roadway, and constructing two culverts on the Ballarat and Smythesdale Main road, commencing near the Wiltshire Arms Hotel.[4]

At the Grenvilleshire Council meeting in August 1865, reports were received on the progress of building the main road, but there were problems near the hotel:

A portion of the road already formed and metalled by the Government was urgently in need of repair near the Wiltshire Arms Hotel.[5]

In October 1866 there was an application to council to mine under the road near the hotel, but a decision was deferred:

From the Great Wheal Maria Company, asking permission to mine under the roads near the Wiltshire Arms, Ballarat road...The application of the Wheal Maria Company was not thought sufficiently explicit, in consequence ol the tracing not showing the compass bearings. The consideration of the matter was deferred.[6]

In November 1865, applications for use of the Cardigan Common could be left with the publican:

CARDIGAN FARMERS COMMON.-All parties entitled to depasture cattle on tho above common are requested to send in their applications to the managers, care of G. Kent, Wiltshire Arms Hotel, on or before Thursday, the 9th November, 1865. By order, G. COX, Secretary.[7]

In November 1866 Jacob Bebro applied for a mining lease near the hotel:

Jacob Bebro and others, for 52 acres on the Smythesdale and Ballarat road, adjoining the Wiltshire Arms hotel[2]

In November 1866 the Grenvilleshire Council received complaints from Jacob Bebro about the road by the hotel:

Correspondence from Mr Jacob Bebro and others, objecting to the council granting permission to mine on the road at the Wiltshire Arms hotel.[8]

In November 1867 the council granted funds to repair a culvert near the hotel.[9]

In March 1872 the council decided to reserve four acres of land next to the hotel for use as a quarry.[10]

In February 1873 the council received a report on drainage work needed on the road near the hotel.[11]

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