Windermere Hotel

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Windermere Hotel
Windermere Hotel, c.1905[1]
Town Windermere
Known dates 1860-1984
Evidence Building still standing

The Windermere Hotel was a hotel in Windermere, Victoria, <1860-1984>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Windermere Hotel was in Windermere[2], west of Ballarat.

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1860, Joseph Stone offered the hotel for lease:

TO LET, the WINDERMERE HOTEL, six miles from Ballarat on the Raglan road, with 30 acres of land. Apply to the owner, Mr Joseph Stone.[3]

On 26 February 1879 the Windermere Hotel was destroyed by fire:

On Wednesday evening, at about nine o'clock, Cole's Windermere hotel, half-way between Ballarat and Burrumbeet was entirely destroyed by fire, together with all the furniture, stock, and other contents. It appears that the fire originated in a room occupied by a lodger, and was caused by the candle he -was burning setting alight to the curtains of the window, and thence communicating with the lining and roof. On the alarm having been given by the lodger, Mr and Mrs Cole, with others, attempted to stay the progress of the flames, but without success, and the fire made headway with such rapidity that it was found impossible to save any part of the large building or its contents. The loss to Mr Cole is about £900, none of which is covered by insurance, although he had made application for a policy within the last few days. Added to this disaster, we regret to state that only last week Mr Cole sustained a serious loss by the death of the famous stallion Young Scotchman, which was valued at £500. We observe by advertisement that a meeting is to be held at Comber's hotel, this evening (Friday), to assist Mr Cole to some extent in the midst of his misfortunes, in which it is hoped his friends and neighbors will take part.[4]

On 22 March 1915, the hotel was included on a list of hotels to be deprived of their licenses. This list was complied by the Licenses Reduction Board in Melbourne. Licensing district hearings for hotels on this list were to be held at the Ballarat Supreme Court on 11 May.[5]

In March 1918 a man was charged with stealing a horse and cart, and passing forged cheques at the hotel:

OLD OFFENDER DOUBLY CHARGED. LONG LIST OF CONVICTIONS. Thomas Brooks was charged at the City Court to-day with illegally using a horse, the property of Thomas Reeves. Accused pleaded guilty, and was undefended. Reeves stated that on Monday, 4th March, he left a horse and trap in Lewis street, and went to the barber's. When he returned the turnout was missing, and, after a fruitless search, he reported the matter to the police. On the following day, with Constables Craig and Brown, he went to Windermere, and saw and identified the horse and trap. William Freeman, of Sebastopol, deposed to having on March 4 seen accused driving a horse and cart. Accused gave him a lift, and remarked that he was a farmer, and had three successive good seasons, and would never see a working man walking when he had a turn-out. Accused was very much muddled.

Sydney Coles, licensee of the Windermere Hotel, stated that accused drove to the place on March 4th, and put up for the night. The following day he left, abandoning the turnout. He looked to have been drinking heavily. P.C. Constable Craig deposed to the arrest of accused at the Black Hill Hotel. He was suffering from drink. Accused's excuse was that he was on a drunken spree, but Serget. Neil put in a list of 29 "priors" for offences ranging from embezzlement, forgery and uttering, obscene language. Most of the graver offences went back to 1889, and were admitted, but Brooks repudiated a statement that he had once got ten years in one sentence. Sergt Neil said that the police could prove it. Brooks retorted that it was well known that he was innocent, and the police also knew it. Mr Harris, P.M., said that all the punishment had not seemed to have done him any good.

A second charge was preferred of being a rogue and vagabond, and accused pleaded guilty. The evidence was that he induced the witness Coles to cash a cheque for £11 10/. Coles, however, being cautious, only advanced £3. Coles stated, that the cheque bore the signature of Mr Purcell, of Ercildoune Station, and this was found to be a forgery. Accused was sentenced to a month on the first charge and three months on the second, the P.M. marking that he did not seem to have had a chance to reform. During the term he would be brought before the Supreme Court to be adjudged whether he should be treated under the Indeterminate Act or not. Accused—That will do me no good. I would sooner do twelve months straight out. The P.M.—But the indeterminate system is the best means of reforming such as you. Accused—It won't do me any good. He was then removed.[6]

In December 1984 the hotel applied for a license to trade on a Sunday.[7]

The hotel on two acres of land was purchased for about $300,000 in March 2019 by Ballarat engineer and businessman, Robert Ling.[8]. In August 2019 it was reported that there were delays in renovating the hotel as the old license had expired, and Ling was required to apply for a new one.[9]

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