Winter's Freehold Hotel

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Winter's Freehold Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Rubicon Street
Known dates 1869-1871

The Winter's Freehold Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1869-1871>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in said to be in Cromwell Street in 1869[1] and Rubicon Street in 1871[2] There was also a No.2 Winter's Freehold Hotel in Tait Street.

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History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was to be auctioned by the sheriff to recover debts in January 1870:

THIS DAY, In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria. Fi. Fa, 4343 Between Tulloch and others, plaintiffs. And C. Badams, defendant. TAKE NOTICE,—That under and by virtue of the above writ, the Sheriff of the Ballarat Circuit District will cause to be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the City Hotel, Lydiard street, Ballarat, at the hour of Twelve o'clock noon, on Wednesday, the 12th day of January next instant, All the Right, Title, and Interest (if any) of the above named defendant in and to a Lease for seven years, dated 19th August, 1868, at a rental of fifteen pounds per annum, of all that piece or parcel of Land, situated in the parish of Cardigan, county of Grenville, in the colony of Victoria, being part of Government allotment 8 of section 3, and marked on the plan of subdivision of the said allotment as lots 4 and 5, and bounded as follows, viz.:—Commencing at a point in the east boundary line of the said allotment, distant 255 feet 6 inches south from the north-east corner of the said allotment; thence bearing further south 132 feet; thence by Rubicon street 66 feet wide, bearing west 165 feet; thence bearing north 132 feet, and thence bearing east 105 feet to the commencing point. Together with a right of ingress, egress, and regress, in, through, over, and along Rubicon street aforesaid, with or without horses, carts, or other vehicles; on which is erected the hotel and premises known as the Winter's Freehold Hotel, the property of the above-named defendant, unless the execution be previously satisfied. Terms—Cash on the fall of the hammer. JOSEPH IZOD, Sheriff's Officer. Sheriff's Office, Ballarat, 6th January, 1870.[3]

The hotel was offered for sale in June 1871:

BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. AND WITH THE CONSENT OF THE TRUSTEE IN THE ESTATE OF TULLOCH, M’LAREN, AND CO. WEDNESDAY, 7th JUNE, At Eleven o’clock. TO HOTELKEEPERS AND OTHERS. SALE BY AUCTION OF THAT WELL-BUILT AND VALUABLE PROPERTY, THE WINTER'S FREEHOLD HOTEL. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. F. M. CLAXTON has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on Wednesday next, the 7th June, at Eleven -o’clock, on the Premises, situate on the Winter’s Freehold Gold Mining Company’s Estate, facing Rubicon street, and in close proximity to the above Company’s No. Shaft, That splendidly built property, known as the Winter’s Freehold Hotel, at present doing a good paying business, and with every probability of a large increase of trade when the above Company’s Mine is more fully opened up—the ultimate success of which there can be no possible doubt. No Reserve. Terms—Cash.[2]

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