Young Sultan Mining Company

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Young Sultan Mining Company
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Town Blackwood
Opened 1873
Known dates 1873

The Young Sultan Mining Company was a gold mining company operating in Blackwood. Victoria. <1873>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company operated a mine in Blackwood, and their registerd office was in Ballarat.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

The company was registered in June 1873, with 24,000 shares of 5 shillings issued:

YOUNG SULTAN MINING COMPANY (No-Liability). —I, the undersigned, hereby MAKE APPLICATION to REGISTER the YOUNG SULTAN MINING COMPANY as a No-Liability Company, under the provisions of “The Mining Companies Act, 1871."

  1. . The name of the company is to be “ Young Sultan Mining Company (No-Liability).”
  2. . The place of operations is at Blackwood.
  3. . The registered office of the company will be situated at Lynn’s Chambers, Ballarat
  4. .The value of the company’s property, including leased ground, is two thousand pounds.
  5. . The number of shares in the company is twenty-four thousand, of five shillings each.
  6. . The number of shares subscribed for is twenty-four thousand.
  7. . The name of the manager is Charles Wilson.
  8. . The names and addresses and occupations of the shareholders, and the number, of shares held by each at this date. are as below:—
  • John Hill, jun., Blackwood, miner .. .. 4800
  • John Sutherland, Gordon, gentleman .. .. 2400
  • John Hollow, Ballarat, miner .. .. 2400
  • William Murrell, Ballarat, hotelkeeper .. .. 2400
  • John Campbell, Gordon, gentleman .. .. 2400
  • William Kaye, Melbourne, clerk .. .. 2400
  • Cheri Mars, Gordon, hotelkeeper.. .. 2400
  • William Wilson, Ballarat, miner.. .. 2000
  • William Arthur Godwin, Blackwood, miner .. ..1846
  • John Embling, Ballarat, gentleman .. .. 100
  • Charles Wilson, Ballarat, mining agent .. .. 854

Total: 24,000 Dated this eleventh day of June; 1873. CHARLES WILSON, Manager. Witness to signature—W. Wilson. I, CHARLES WILSON, do solemnly and sincerely declare that—

  1. . I am the manager of the said intended company.
  2. . The above statement is, to the best of my belief and knowledge, true in every particular. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an Act of Parliament of Victoria rendering persons making a false declaration punishable for wilful and corrupt perjury. CHARLES WILSON.

Taken before me, at Ballarat, in the colony of Victoria, this eleventh day of June, a.d. 1873. Charles Dyte, J.F.[1]

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